Why is the brand called Yeyo?

Yeyo is a portmanteau of “Ye” for 椰子 (coconut in Chinese), and “Yo” for 优格 (yogurt in Chinese).

What is Yeyo made from?

All our products are inspired by coconut, which is the main ingredient. All of our products are dairy-free.

Are there probiotics in Yeyo products?

Our yogurts all contain >2.5 x 10^8 CFU/g units of probiotics.

Where can I buy Yeyo?

You can find us on our Tmall flagship store online, where we deliver throughout most of China. You can also find us in major retails online in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, with more expansion coming soon!

Where are your products made?

Our products are manufactured in China to ensure the freshest delivery to our market, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Why is this website in English if you are focused on China?

We built our website to share our company’s journey with international visitors. We have extensive Wechat and RED content for our core Chinese market. You can access those here.

Are you hiring?

We always value talented, passionate people. Please drop us a line via our contact form if you are interested in joining us.

What is the relationship between Yeyo and Marvelous Foods?

Marvelous Foods Ltd is our company name. Yeyo is the brand name of our products. One day, we hope to introduce more brands to the Marvelous Foods family.