About Us


To nourish and delight the worlds biggest market with plant-based diary-alternatives made from coconuts, good for our bodies, great for our tastesbuds and better for our planet, that is what our team work towards every day.

Focused on the Chinese and Asian market, we know that diet change isn’t easy in our cultures. That’s why we take care to tune-in closely to understand our audience’s needs, crafting products that they’ll fall in love with and want to share.

Tasty, healthy, innovative, and social. This is Yeyo.


Trusting our gut Our yogurt was first created in Beijing in the summer of 2016 to address our personal needs for gut-healing and allergy-friendly foods. It all started in our humble kitchen where we made our own coconut yogurt because we couldn’t find any dairy-free yogurt anywhere (not even on Taobao!) but we weren’t about to let that stop us from eating the delicious food we deserve to eat every damn day.

Turns out, others liked what we were brewing. So we started sharing our yogurt with friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and local restaurants that cared about natural and diet-inclusive food that’s nourishing for the body and the planet.

Led by our palates and active lifestyles, every product we create starts in our own kitchen using all-natural ingredients. And because we know it’s more fun to eat with the flavors du jour, we make sure our products are marvelously aligned with local seasons, tastes preferences and culinary trends too.


Our team of coconut lovers are based in China, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing,
and a registered company in Hong Kong. Our company is called Marvelous Foods Limited.
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